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Unlock your success with Customer Interviews

Traditional small business development looks at everything: mission statement, financials, forecasting, etc, but it often skips the most important aspect of a successful business...HAPPY CUSTOMERS! Our past customers are often our biggest advocates, not just with repeat business but with referrals. And thee customers can give us the best possible feedback for how to gain more brand advocates just like them...we just need to ask! Asking customers questions can seem scary, and also if you ask the wrong questions, you might go down the wrong path. So how do you ask the right questions, make your customers feel special, and find success without the guess? In this session, we'll discuss choosing which customers to interview, how to ask questions in a meaningful way, and demonstrate a successful interview! Analytics can only get you so far, you have to know WHY your customers chose you over the competition...and it's not obvious! Come learn the secret to success, via your customers! #denverstartupweek Date: Thursday, September 19, 11:30am - 12:30pm Cost: FREE! Location: Colorado Plus Brewery Address: 6995 W 38th Ave ยท Wheat Ridge Member: Apexd by Design Contact: