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The Fabulous Honey Badgers

We play public and private shows doing some originals and covers done originally. Great dance music for weddings, social gatherings and other events. And we take Visa/MC as a payment, so you can earn cash back or points and still book the band that is the most fun ever!

Erica-Classically trained vocalist and power forward in the church choir.
Sean-Classical/jazz composition and theory, multi-instrument trained musician and sometimes hired guitar gun.

John- Guitar and Vocals has joined us and brings his 20 plus years of singing and playing to the group.

Otto-On Keys has been a performer and educator nation-wide for over 30 years, playing rock and jazz

Fly-On Sax brings the soulful reed sound to the group and has been on the Metro area music scene for years.
"Blue" Lou on Bass played with the Greek Festival band for years and Jeffe on the skins has played jazz and rock in the area for many years.

New Additions are Tom Fazio on guitar, a blues guru and a great voice. And the our co-lead singer is Gabe who has years of experience in blues/rock bands. As Erica puts it :"A voice like buttah" 

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Sean Plumb