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I began working as a Realtor just out of High School and for the ensuing 46 years, I've specialized in helping clients who own either too much real estate, or not enough. If this describes you, call me, I can fix that for you! 

Most of the homes and investment real estate I've handled for clients have been in the Denver metro area. I have handled property in other parts of the Front Range, close-in mountains and resort areas. When someone has a real estate need outside of my areas of expertice I have a great network of Realtors throughout Colorado and most states that I can refer them to.

You'll find my approach to be very cosultative, in that I will cousel with you so that I may fully understand the full scope you your real estate needs, objectives and time-frrames. Once I fully understand your circumstances, I can the design all of the relevent steps necessary to accomplish a successful transaction. 

Real Estate

Van Wedgwood

5440 Ward Rd
Arvada, CO

Phone: 303-420-5352
Fax: 303-420-5232

I work by appointment, generally at whatever times my clients need me.